Tuesday, November 1, 2011


This year we decided to let the kids dress up and go to some houses down the street. Brittany decided to be a ballerina and Savannah said that she want to be a "gymnastics girl." Savannah says that she is a gymnastics girl even though we have told her that she is a gymnast... M.J. was a lion again this year. I know, BORING same old costume!! But he looks so cute in it!!!  I decided I will buy him some boy costumes after Halloween is over this year. You know, when they are discounted to like 75% off :)

So, we start heading down the street. Brittany is walking like 20 feet ahead of us for some reason. She is SUPER excited about being out for Halloween and getting GLOBS of candy. Not sure if that is even a word? I don't know. Anyways, so the more houses we go to, the faster she gets and further she gets ahead of us.

Now, MJ is just realizing what is going on (he's two in a couple weeks). He hops out of the stroller and I walk him to the first neighbors door. Savannah rings the door bell and they wait. The first neighbor answers the door and hands each of them candy. MJ is like, wow, candy! He realizes what is going on and says, "MORE!! More!!! He will not leave the door step so I had to go up to the door again and literally pull him away from the door. Of course I need to remind everyone to say thank-you. MJ says, "Deetoo!! Welcome!!!" to the neighbor. Mark and I cannot help but laugh at him. He did this pretty much at every house we went too!

I actually don't think I took any pictures last night...but don't worry...I took pictures on Saturday night of them all in their costumes. We took them to the first Baptist Trunk or Treat festival at the spur of the moment. We are spontaneous like that. lol.Oh, and it was FREEZING too!!

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