Friday, July 23, 2010


Today Mark is coming back from Chicago!! Its been a long week. I don't know how we survived it without him. I prayed a lot for help!! The kids were fairly good, I can't complain too much. Its so hard to not have help by the evening time. I get to the point where I just need a break from them and there they are in my face screaming for dinner or something to eat...Of course they all need to eat at the exact same time too.
Thankfully, Aunt Granny came to my rescue today and yesterday. She was really nice to come over and let me bring them over to her house so I could get out. I didn't even get anything done that I needed too, I just roamed the store thankful to be free of screaming, crying, temper tantrum children...

Why are they being so quiet right now? I've got the babysi---I mean TV on. Hahaha. They are watching the berenstain bears from the library!! Thank goodness its super long and keeps them occupied for a long time.

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my children. I enjoy them so much, but every now and then they get tired and forget how to be polite and use proper words and proper tone of voice...
Something we are working on daily

So, for MJ...lately he has been working on crawling and picking up food and putting it in his mouth. Stuff he has found lying around on the floor. He love to jump in the jumparoo. He is really building his leg muscles! Don't worry, he still has those wonderfully fat baby legs <3
I've noticed lately that he is really trying to communicate with the way he uses his voice. You can pretty much tell what he wants by his tone of voice and his body language. I don't mean screaming and crying. You can tell by the look on his face and the sounds he makes when he wants something. He is SO intelligent <3

Brittany has been really sweet lately. She is so thoughtful and quite a creative child! Also, before I forget, she has started to want her hair washed. She thinks that it smells sometimes and so she wants it washed before she goes to see someone. She said she doesn't want anyone to smell her dirty hair so she needs to have a shower. hahaha. She cracks me up. She is ONLY 5!! Is this too young to start caring about how you smell??
The other day, she had this wonderful idea to make a princess craft out of paper. She wanted to draw a picture of a princess and then draw clothees for the doll. Then, she was going to cut the clothes out and cut the doll out and dress the paper doll in her paper clothing. Oh, and the doll was not to be just any doll, it had to be a princess:) She is so cute!

Now, for Savannah. She has been really doing much better in her speech. Also, I can tell she thinks a lot by the things that she says and the things that she asks me. Lately, she has been asking me at least once a day how old I am. When I don't respond, she says, "Mommy, you're 31." Thanks, Savannah for the reminder of how old I am. I told her today that Mr. Glen and Miss Kristine were going to come over and help Daddy move the playset to our backyard from the neighbors backyard. She, of course, asked me how old they were? I told her people who are older than say, 20 don't really care to be reminded by a child how old they are. I told her she shouldn't ask people how old they are, it just isn't proper :)
She is so cute!

Yesterday, Megan came over and helped me to re-arrange some decor in my house. I think its officially homy and cozy. I enjoy being here and looking at the walls. It athsetically pleasing now. I also get into pretty, relaxing music that you would hear at a spa. I finally have officially been to a spa and highly recommend it to everyone. Now, I'll get into that experience later!
I love candles and low-lights in the evening. I LOVE my lamps. They are some of my favorite pieces. I enjoy all the pictures and mirrors that I have as well. I am not ready for the paint. Of course, now that I've decorated all this stuff, I have to be more picky about what colors I choose since they need to match my decor. I am thinking of some browns and maybe a green or maybe even something bold! I want to pic a good color for the study. We enjoy sitting in here and I think it would be lovely to have a beautiful, relaxing color on the walls :)
I'm going to get Megan to help me pick out those things. I need help...She is very good at arranging things and making things look nice with what you've got lying around. She has an eye for that sort of thing.

Well, I wrote a novel today...I will write more another day! I'm going to go enjoy reading a few pages of my present book by Megan Cox.

The Book of New Family Traditions: How to Create Great Rituals for Holidays and Everyday. Its a very interesting book! I highly recommend it to anyone with children~~!!

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