Wednesday, July 14, 2010

This week has been so busy! I know I've missed a few days here, but I'll just give a brief update. Yesterday, I took the girls to Partee Time in Easley to jump with their cousins. They had a nice time there and we also took Mimi with us. She is a huge help to us! I really appreciate her :)
Chandler ended up getting hurt so it was quite eventful, but I think she is okay.

MJ is officially speed crawling and getting into EVERYTHING he can find on the floor. I had to vacuum again this morning and pick up all the tiny pieces of toys that are lying around on the floor. I know when he is eating something he isn't supposed to be eating when I hear a sucking noise. Its so gross! I need to make sure I disinfect my kitchen floors too. He's getting around every where! He's totally loving it and exploring everything. He really likes the toy trucks and anything that looks like a truck. He is naturally all boy!!

Brittany and Savannah and I did french clay facials this morning. We did a face steam and then a french clay mask. I took some pictures that I will post here. Brittany and I did this same facial yesterday when Savannah was napping. Of course, Brittany had to tell Savannah and so she was very jealous. We went straight to the jumping place when she woke up so we had to do the facials in the morning. Having two girls is very interesting for sure. Its also difficult. The younger one gets so jealous so easily.

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