Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The start of my new blog!

I'm starting a new blog today...yes, again. I can't remember the log in or the name of my other blog. I
I want to have a place to share my home school stuff, but also every day life stuff that happens in our family. MJ is growing up so fast and I want to remember things about him. I want to remember things about my girls as well. Brittany is 5, Savannah is 3 1/2 and MJ is 7 1/2 months! He's already crawling and thinking about pulling up to furniture already. He's so smart too! On Sunday I taught him who a few people were in some pictures that were hanging up at church. When I quizzed him, he would point at the person I asked him to point at. I would say, "where is mommy?" He would point at me! I, of course think he's the smartest ever, but I am biased!

Well, lately I've been working on decorating my house the way I want it to be decorated. I've hung up curtains, put up several new wall hangings. I've decorated the girls room and got them a nice table and chairs set. Of course, I'm thrifty so everything just about came from my goodwill shopping trips! I've discovered how to get awesome things at the Goodwill. But, that is a secret for only those I wish to divulge that too :) hahaha!

I should post some pictures of the rooms I've completed so far since I'm quite proud of them and I want to remember what it looks like later on.

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  1. MJ is now crawling and sitting up from a crawling position. He's so fast! He just start crawling last week!